USD $10,000 in Prizes.

Do you and your friends have a vision of how an Augmented Democracy system should look like? Would you like a chance to design and share that vision with the world? Then, participate in the Augmented Democracy Prize!


Individual Category ($1,000 Each)

Ewan McInnes,
Perth, Australia

Theoretical Underpinnings of a Pure Digital Democracy Model of Government

Evangelos Pournaras,
ETH Zurich

Proof of Witness Presence: Blockchain Consensus for Augmented Democracy in Smart Cities

TEAM CATEGORY ($4,000 per team)

Pablo Campos, Alan Ramírez, Gonzalo Saavedra, Matías Uribe, Lissette Valladares,
Universidad de Concepcion, Chile

Cristian Araya, David Bubniak, Kevin San Martín, Francisco Vejar,
Universidad de Concepcion, Chile
Vision Indígena



TWO team prizes of $4,000.

Team prizes will be awarded to the two best team submissions. Teams involve two or more contributors.

Two individual prizes of $1,000

These prizes will be awarded to the best individual contributors.

*People can only submit to one of the two categories (team or individual).


If we receive more than 100 applications, we will open a second prize of USD 10,000 price, which will be distributed just like the first prize (two team prizes of usd 4,000 and two individual prizes of usd 1,000). this will bring us to four team prizes and four individual prizes.

How to participate?

To participate, submit a dossier (In the form of a pdf or a website) describing your vision for an augmented democracy system. The dossier must include:

  • comprehensive Design mockups or illustrations describing the user interface of the proposed augmented democracy system.

  • A systems diagram of the tech stack together with a narrative description of how the system would work.

  • A description of how the proposed design will deal with issues of privacy, security, and evolvability.

we are looking for creative people that want to imagine augmented democracy systems. So feel free to bring in new ideas and framings.

We also encourage submitting a video summarizing the design proposal.

the final submission deadline is june 14, 2019, but You can submit anytime before that by sending an email to:

Who can participate?

Anyone from anywhere in the world, except people who have worked with or know cesar hidalgo personally: friends, family, former and present students and co-workers*.

*friends defined as people with whom Cesar has participated in various offline face-to-face interactions or social gatherings.

WHERE AND WHEN do I SUBMIT my proposal?

You can submit anytime before june 14, 2019 by sending an email at

*All proposal materials will be considered open source once submitted.